Gemini Review: The Good, Bad and Whether it's Safe

Looking for a Gemini review you can trust? Here's everything you need to know about Gemini, and all of its available services.
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Gemini Exchange
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Wed June 8 2022
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Gemini is a financial services company that provides a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and custodian service for buying Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies. They plan to expand to the European and Asian markets in the near future. With several options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, Gemini was launched in 2015 as a cryptocurrency trading platform that appealed to both beginners and experienced traders.

A Quick Look at Gemini

  • More than 70 different cryptocurrencies are available
  • Spreads and transaction fees are included in trading fees
  • Account minimums are not required
  • You can earn interest through the Gemini Earn program
  • All 50 states and over 60 countries are supported
  • Cryptopedia’s educational hub
  • Assets and insurance plans held in offline cold storage

Gemini charges a convenience fee as well as a transaction fee when you buy or sell crypto. Whether you purchase through Gemini’s online site or its mobile app, you will be charged the same fees. You will be able to see both together before making your purchase as your “quoted price.”

Trades on Gemini can be made by moving crypto from your own wallet or another exchange or by depositing U.S. dollars into your account. Gemini doesn’t charge for deposits unless you use your debit card.

For absolute beginners, however, Gemini has plenty of options and tools that are geared toward more advanced trading activity and crypto users. Most of the exchange’s additional fees are associated with things like trading and selling cryptocurrencies, which long-term crypto HODLers do not need to worry about.

Compare with Gemini alternatives

Bitcoin Interest Account1
Invite friends and earn up to $1,000, paid out in Bitcoin
Earn 260 USD p.a
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Bitcoin Interest Account2
Invite friends and earn up to $1,000, paid out in Bitcoin
Earn 120 USD p.a
Go to site
Bitcoin Savings Account
Invite friends and earn up to $1,000, paid out in Bitcoin
Earn 62.5 USD p.a
Go to site

The Way Forward with Gemini

The growth of Gemini, since its inception, is something that has caught everyone’s attention. With more than four billion dollars in assets under management and more than a million users, it has proved its merit as an excellent platform for borrowing and earning on savings.

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