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A leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world, OKCoin is the largest. Everyone, regardless of where they are, can trade and invest in cryptocurrency through the system. The number of countries has put increasing pressure on the system because of its popularity and prominence. Here are some of the controversies surrounding the platform and what it is all about.
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Founded by Star Xu in 2013, the platform is based in China. The company boasts more than 100,000 investors in 192 countries and is based in San Francisco. In some jurisdictions, Okcoin and other crypto exchanges are allowed to freely provide services to investors while in others, banks are not permitted to accept crypto transactions.

OKCoin’s rapid rise to prominence has been slowed by controversies and regulatory issues, as well as financial hurdles. The leaders of Okcoin have, however, made clear their intention to continue providing their services in the best possible manner. As a consequence, it continues to be a popular exchange for cryptocurrency trading around the world.

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