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Bitonic, a Dutch Bitcoin company was founded in 2012. The Netherlands is the home country of Bitonic. According to them, they are “the first and the largest Bitcoin company" in the country. Since Bitcoin is the only currency available on the platform, they claim to be the first in the industry.
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There are no explicit prohibitions on US-based investors trading on the exchange. Any US investor, regardless of citizenship or residency, should still perform an independent analysis of any issues that arise due to their residency.

In addition, Bitonic has established an academy called the Bitonic Academy. The institution offers workshops and education in blockchain technologies, Bitcoin, security in the blockchain sphere, fraud prevention, and advanced applications of Bitcoin. The Bitonic Academy is cosponsored by several large companies in the Netherlands and has presented to a number of key industry players.

There is a major difference between this platform and most other crypto exchanges in that it does not allow trading between cryptocurrencies. Buying and selling BTC is the only service available. The exchange will usually offer a slightly higher price for buying BTC than the market price when buying from an exchange. Similarly, the market price of BTC is different when selling it to the exchange than when buying it.

For deposits, wire transfers can be made at Bitonic, but credit card deposits aren’t accepted. The exchange nevertheless differs from other exchanges by allowing fiat currency deposits, as opposed to only accepting cryptocurrencies. And when considering withdrawing, the only withdrawal fees you pay at Bitonic are network fees.

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